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How to Get a Car Title Loan in Los Angeles

Every now and then, all of us find ourselves in a situation that requires a good amount of extra cash in a short period of time. But instead of panicking, let Quick Cash Funding in Los Angeles set you up with a car title loan. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to get the loan you need, quickly and without interrupting your life.

Why A Car Title Loan Might Be Right for You

Get Cash Fast

If you need cash as quickly as possible, a car title loan should be one of the first options you consider. It may even be better than getting a personal loan from a friend or family member. When you seek a car title loan, we don’t ask questions about why you need the money; that’s not important. All that matters: you need cash as soon as possible, and a car title loan is the fastest way to get it. So let’s make it happen!

Use Your Car as the Collateral for the Loan

If you’re not sure what a car title loan is, everything you need to know is in the name. In short, you use your car’s title as collateral to get a loan. Obviously, you can’t get a formal loan without putting up something as collateral. But rather than taking out another mortgage, an auto title loan allows you to use your car as collateral. As long as there are no existing liens on the car and its wholesale value is at least a few thousand dollars, you’re free to use your car as collateral in an auto title loan, and free to use the car itself too.

Keep Using Your Car

You may think that using your car as collateral means giving up your keys, but interrupting your daily life is simply not how we do business. The beauty of a car title loan is that you can keep driving your car all over Los Angeles and anywhere else you need to go. It’s almost as if nothing has changed at all. Once you get the cash you need at our office, you can drive away in the vehicle you’re using as collateral. How cool is that?

Get Everything Done Quickly

A big reason why people love auto title loans is how the process goes so smoothly and quickly. If you go to a bank or credit union, they’ll usually keep you waiting for a week while they consider your loan application. They like to take their sweet time and mull over your situation before deciding if you’re worthy of getting a loan; meanwhile, it’s a nerve-wracking experience for the customer, and in the end, you might not even get the money you didn’t have time to wait for in the first place.

That’s not the case at Quick Cash Funding.

With a car title loan, everything happens in less than a day. Once your paperwork has been submitted, you’ll receive a decision in under an hour. From there, you can just hand over your vehicle’s title and get the money you need.

Bad Credit Won’t Be a Problem

Have you ever been turned down for a loan or lease because of a poor credit score? It happens sometimes and it’s not always fair, especially when people are caught in a bind and not getting a loan is going to put them in even deeper financial trouble. If this situation sounds familiar to you, a car title loan may be your best option. When you apply for an auto title loan, no one’s going to look at your credit score. Instead, all that matters is the value of your car and whether you have a steady income to help you repay the loan. As long as your car is worth at least a few thousand dollars and you can prove you have a job, no one’s going to care about any financial oversights you’ve made in the past.

Why Quick Cash Funding is the Best Choice for a Car Title Loan

We Get You the Money You Need

Quick Cash Funding in Los Angeles, not to mention our other offices throughout California, want to be your first stop when you look for a car title loan. If not your first stop, then hopefully your last, because we love showing people the money. Most of our customers receive loans anywhere between $2,600 and $50,000 depending on how much they need and the value of their car. As long as your car is worth at least $3,000, we’ll set you up with the money you need.

We Find A Way to Help

No matter your situation, you can expect the team at Quick Cash Funding to do everything we can to find a way to help you. Think still owing money on your car means you can’t get an auto title loan? Well, that’s technically true. However! We sometimes pay off the remaining balance on cars so you can turn over the title to us in order to get your loan. The reps in our Los Angeles office love looking for outside of the box solutions to help customers get a loan. If you think for some reason you’re not eligible for an auto title loan, call or stop by one of our offices throughout the state of California, and we promise we’ll do everything we can to help.

Our Application Process is a Piece of Cake

At Quick Cash Funding, we understand how different people like to do things their own way, so we give our customers a few different ways to submit their loan application. Obviously, you’re free to stop by our Los Angeles office and fill out a loan application. This is a good choice if you want one of our customer service agents to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the loan process, and we can also do the same over the phone if you don’t have time to stop by. (We can even get you pre-approved over the phone!)

We also have a website where you can submit your auto title loan application. Hey, you’re on it right now! Fill out the application and submit it online in under five minutes, and enjoy the peace of mind of our state-of-the-art SSL encryption security that keeps all your personal information safe. Feel free to also print off an application, fill it out when you have a few free minutes, and then fax it to our LA office.

We Let You Know Right Away

Unlike banks and other financial institutions, we won’t leave you hanging. As soon as your application and other paperwork have been submitted, you’ll have our free quote within a few minutes. We hate being in suspense as much as anyone, so we work hard to ensure the wait time is as close to nonexistent as possible. If you like our offer (and we hope you do), the next step is exchanging your vehicle’s title for the loan you need, walking out of our Los Angeles office with the cash in one pocket and your car keys in the other, all in less than an hour.

Take Your Time Paying Us Back

If there’s one thing we dislike about banks, it’s how they always pester you to pay them back on their schedule. Call us crazy, but we just don’t believe in treating customers that way. At Quick Cash Funding, we’ll work out a fair payment plan that gives you up to 36 months to pay back your loan, and we’ll give you 30 days before your first payment is due. Plus, if you’d like to pay us back sooner than expected, you can do so with absolutely no penalty. Can you believe banks charge a fee for early payoffs?

We Take Care of Our Customers

At Quick Cash Funding, we always put our customers first. The staff at our Los Angeles office and all of our other locations across California work hard to create a friendly and comfortable environment. We want all of our customers to feel safe and taken care of while applying for their car title loan, and as a team that’s been in this business for 20 years, we’ve been working hard every day to make sure we do exactly that. Come by our Los Angeles office, and let us wow you.

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